AOCC 2021 is gathering the abstracts for potential awards including Best Abstract Awards and Distinguished Investigator Awards. This is your opportunity to partake in interactive discussions sharing your most problematic and recent advances with thought leaders whose expertise in the field of IBD will impart tremendous knowledge and experience amongst participants.

Get your Best Abstract Awards or Distinguished Investigator Awards by submitting your latest results exploring new trends, discussing difficult issues and getting expert guidance with ideas through a competitive evaluation by leaders of AOCC. Here are some points worth your attention.

· Originality
· Clinical/scientific importance.
· Reasonable experimental design and methods.
· Scientific analysis of data (incl. statistics).
· Clarity of presentation.

· For Best Abstract Awards, only the corresponding author of the best abstracts will get the award. 

· For Distinguished Investigator Awards, ten presenter of the excellent abstracts will be selected.

Get into the minds of how the leading IBD authorities think through different results and understand their decision making process. If you think your abstract deserves special attention, like a presentation or/and editorial, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to express our appreciation that the reviewers take their time and efforts in helping AOCC with the review process.
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